Requiem for a Classic

Dr. Thurman W. Robins

Additional Works


Swimming Against The Odds is an historical look into the Harris County Aquatics Program (HCAP) during its first 10 years.  HCAP was initiated to provide minority kids opportunities to compete in a less glamorous sport like swimming.  Competitive swimming was not available to most of them within the inner-city of Houston.

Included in the book is a description of the rationale for the programs formation, major accomplishments by several individual participants, motivational aspects and swimmers profiles.

Supporting evidence is provided of minority achievements at elite levels of competition helping to dispel many myths about their abilities.

The book is an inspirational, motivational and biographical account of a young African American female seeking to compete at elite levels of competitive swimming.  It begins with her first experiences in summer league competition and ends with her competing at the Division I level of NCAA Swimming Championships and the U.S.A. Olympic Trials.

As Kelley moves from one level of competition to another she faces a myriad of challenges , some of which seem impossible.  However, she triumphs over all of them to achieve her goals.

Kelley’s journey as told by her father/coach focuses on her educational pursuits as well as her competitive swimming experiences.  Kelley's desire, determination, dedication, and hard work propel her onward and upward as she “Shimmy To Gold”.

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Various events happen in all of our lives which have lasting effects.  Involvement in sports influenced the author's early thinking, attitude, personality and character. Through his participation many opportunities for advancement opened doors which would have been closed to him. 

The book reveals how an obscure child with dreams, high hopes and extraordinary aspirations is able to rise from meager surrounding and achieve most of his high hopes and dreams.

The story begins with early childhood experiences, family life , and significant sport and work experiences. Success and failures are included with a glimpse into the psyche of a maturing individual.  The book concludes with a variety of the author's personal views concerning life. 

Aspire, Act, Achieve
By Thurman W. Robins

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